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Face to face Pilates restarting

20th July 19.00-20.00 at Peace by the Sea, Tankerton & will continue every Tuesday evening

A registration form will need to be completed in advance to highlight any relevant health history. If complex health conditions are involved, a one to one (1:1) is recommended to adapt exercises and provide alternatives if necessary. If you choose to join a class without completing a 1:1 you may be asked to stop classes until a 1:1 is completed. As a Physiotherapist teaching Pilates, safety and correct technique will always be my first concern.

Only 9 places remaining. Pilates is great for managing neck or back complaints, correcting posture & strengthening the "core" (deep) muscles. Also good for stretching and sports recovery.

All abilities welcome - I will always teach optional advancements so you can work to the correct level for you. I will also correct postures and positions, verbally if possible or gentle touch if needed (please let me know if don't like to be touched in advance).

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