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Steel Wellbeing exists to encourage and support the health and well-being of its customers and, during this difficult time, I will do all I can to offer continued support.

During the continuing pandemic, Physiotherapy initial assessments will be conducted online. Often, advice and the prescription of exercise (sent via email) are all that are required to manage ailments. If a face-to-face session is then deemed necessary, you may choose whether to come to me for treatment (or I can undertake home visits, if necessary). Please be aware, however, that I also work in NHS hospitals, occasionally treating Covid-19 patients, so, my exposure risk may be slightly higher than normal. Full personal protective equipment is, of course, always worn in line with the hospitals' increased safety measures to combat potential spread of the disease, and I will always advise clients of any additional risk factors that may be pertinent.

In my Blog I have posted videoed Pilates lessons for website subscribers to follow online from the safety of their own homes. I have also now scheduled online Pilates sessions via Zoom, at reduced cost, which can be booked online via this site. Remote coaching is also available at a small cost, using videoconferencing software. If this is of interest, or you have any other requests for advice or guidance during these exceptional times, please feel free to make contact via my web or Facebook sites.

I have also published advice and guidance for anyone suffering, or suspected to suffer from, Covid-19, and I’ll aim to publish regular updates to help you stay fit and healthy until I can restart face-to-face classes, which will, of course, be as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, please take care, and I will look forward to seeing you again soon.

The validity period for all active block bookings will be extended by whatever period it proves necessary to suspend the provision of in person service delivery.

Finally, I would just like to take this opportunity of saying a special thank you to all who are working round the clock to keep us all safe in these extraordinary times. Thank you!



For the latest Government advice CLICK HERE

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